Skaneateles Ambulance Volunteer Emergency Service (SAVES), provides a variety of emergency medical and community services to the citizens and visitors of the Town and Village of Skaneateles and surrounding areas. Those services include:

Emergency Medical Response to the scene of accidents or illness throughout our service area. A primary ambulance is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our primary ambulance is staffed with a minimum of 1 Paramedic and a partner, often an EMT-Basic. In the Skaneateles Fire District, the Skaneateles Fire Department responds with SAVES on industrial and motor vehicle accidents, critical medical emergencies, and any time the EMS crew determines that they may need additional assistance. Outside of the Skaneateles Fire District, a fire department usually arrives first to stabilize the patient and assist the ambulance personnel with preparing the patient for transport. SAVES responds in conjunction with our local fire departments who usually provide EMT-Basic level care.  Patients are transported to local emergency departments in Onondaga, Cayuga, or Cortland County. Emergency services may be obtained by contacting 911.

In the event that SAVES is providing services to another patient when you need care, and is unavailable, the closest fire department first responders and ambulance will be dispatched. Marcellus Ambulance, Jordan Ambulance, TLC Ambulance (Auburn), and Rural Metro Ambulance (Auburn) are EMS agencies that are close to Skaneateles and may be dispatched.

Stand-By Services are provided to community events including fairs, festivals, school sporting events, races and regattas. Services can range from EMTs on-site or even an ambulance dedicated to an event. A fee may be charged based on the nature of the event and level of service requested. Inquiries about these services can be made by contacting SAVES at 315-685-5217.

Education Services include cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) classes available each month, as well as first aid programs for the public scheduled by request. Our station also hosts continuing medical education classes, seminars and symposiums on emergency care, response and scene safety, and the latest advancements in emergency services. Inquiries about these services may be made by contacting SAVES at 315-685-5217.