SAVES participates in several fundraising activities.
  • Coming to the Rescue: An annual campaign to raise funds entitled “Coming to the Rescue” has been conducted over the past two years. This campaign is designed to cover operational expenses which exceed service fees, and which are mainly covered by individual contributions.
  • Fun in the Sun: Fun in the Sun is an annual raffle, which raises funds to pay for insurance. The insurance covers the contents of the ambulance quarters, emergency vehicles and equipment.
  • Memorials:Individuals frequently designate SAVES as the recommended recipient of contributions in memory of a deceased relative. These donations represent appreciation for services rendered individually or to the community. The funds are used for general operational purposes.
  • Community Events: Over the years, various community organizations/businesses have raised and donated funds to SAVES. Ongoing annual events include the Poker Walk and a golf tournament sponsored by Morris’s Grill. These events help SAVES to remain financially secure.
  • Service Contributions: Over and above insurance charges, some individuals donate funds to SAVES for services provided. Thank-you notes frequently accompany this donation. This provides recognition to the staff and volunteers for their work with SAVES.
  • Estate Planning: There are various ways to support the continuation of services provided by SAVES. A legacy can be left in the form of bequests, a charitable gift annuity, a pooled income fund, trusts, etc. As part of an individual’s estate planning, an attorney or estate planner can help you arrange such a contribution.